Knee Replacement


térd artrózis, térdprotézis előttThe wear of the knee joint is one of the most frequent musculoskeletal problems in the world. It generally evolves at older ages, but in case of intensive sports activity it can develop sooner. The cartilage wears off the surface of the joint, the amount of synovial fluid decreases, thus the surfaces of the bones start to rub each other. The most important symptom is pain, especially if it is always present. It makes the everyday life of patients a misery, making them irritable and impairing their ability to work, pay attention, concentrate or relax. But the most serious problem is movement disability. Today’s medicine knows no possibility to cure it. The pain and symptoms can be mitigated, but the only final solution is knee replacement surgery. With a bit of luck, complaints can be eliminated for a long time, but this is generally just a temporary relief. Later on the symptoms become more severe, for which the final solution is brought about by a knee replacement surgery.


Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee replacement surgery is the final solution for knee joint wear. If medication and smaller interventions are ineffective, surgery is the only way. In this way, the original, distorted joint ceases to exist. Knee replacement surgery is generally successful, but what happens afterwards? Sometimes pain and deformities remain. Therefore most patients do what they can to avoid surgery and try every single alternative option instead. But why does some pain remain? Because the surgery does not heal the tense muscles that move the knee. If not treated properly, these muscles (especially those of the thigh and the leg) radiate pain into the knee joint. The complex treatment of the knee joint and its muscles is indispensable to speed up the recovery after knee replacement surgery.


Laser therapy performed with Safe Laser, developed as a result of a 40-year-long medical laser research, has pain relieving, inflammation reducing and biostimulating effects on the irradiated area.
In case of musculoskeletal problems, long-term irradiation has been observed to regenerate damaged joints, muscles and ligaments, resulting in the mitigation or even termination of complaints.
In order to reduce knee pain, we treat the hip joint as well as the tense muscles that move it. Thus we can also reduce the pain radiating into the knee joint.

In case of knee joint wear, the use of Safe Laser 500 Infra is recommended. Several of our patients reported that they had applied the Safe Laser 500 device with success. Some patients’ condition had improved so much that they even canceled the knee replacement surgery.



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