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Pollen allergy, or allergic rhinitis by its medical name, affects about 20% of adolescents and about 10% of adults in Hungary. It can be triggered by not only pollen, but also by dust, fur or any other material which irritates the nasal mucosa pathologically. The most frequent unpleasant symptoms are frequent, watery nose running, sneezing, sensation of nose twisting, lacrimation, red conjunctiva, swollen eyelids and exudates running down the pharynx. Pollen allergy can associate with respiratory allergy, like asthma. In this case coughing and the sensation of choking can appear among the symptoms.

Unfortunately, the cause of pollen allergy is misconstrued, as everybody points to allergenic substances, e.g. ragweed, birch, poplar etc. In my opinion (Dr. György Hegedűs), the final cause cannot be pollen, since not everybody shows allergic symptoms during the blooming season. I think that it can be traced back to the differences of lifestyle (stress, nutrition, hydration etc.). It is hard to change your lifestyle, but it is indispensable for final healing.


Pollen Allergy Treatment

Antihistamine drugs: Prescription or over-the-counter drugs to be taken regularly during the allergy season. They are effective, but they can cause fatigue, weakness, and some of them can even impair the ability to drive a car.
Sprays that mitigate nasal congestion: Substances that alleviate nasal congestion contract the blood vessels in the nose, thus reduce the swelling effectively, but they do not affect nose running, itching or eye symptoms. Their disadvantage is that the nasal mucosa become accustomed to the blood vessel contracting effect, and they initiate long-term changes that result in vasodilation, swelling of the mucosa and reduced drug effectiveness, and sometimes even lead to nose bleeding.
Steroid tablets: These very strong painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs are effective in almost every case, but they have equally strong side effects. As they contain hormones, they impact the hormonal system as well: according to the patient information leaflet, they can cause e.g. menstrual disorder and a wide range of other side effects (peptic ulcer, cardiac arrhythmia, high blood pressure, seizures and more).
Immunological therapy: The substance that triggers the allergy, for example the pollen, is injected under the skin to trigger active immune reaction, stimulating the immune system’s own protective mechanism. This can lead to serious symptoms and side effects for a short time.

There are other, “alternative” therapies to treat pollen allergy with various effectiveness, for example acupuncture, homeopathy, vitamins and so on.


These devices can be used for the direct laser irradiation of the nasal mucosa. Thereby, the swelling of the mucosa (edema) and the inflammation caused by the allergy ease up, the complaints decrease and can even cease.

Safe Laser 150


Safe Laser 500 infra


I have been suffering from massive pollen allergy causing asthma attacks, blocked nose, conjunctivitis and other unpleasant symptoms for 26 years.
These symptoms made my life unbearable, especially during ragweed blooming season.
First I tried to treat my blocked nose and get a little more air with nasal drops, then with nasal sprays.
As a consequence, my sense of smell was completely ruined, because the chemicals which I have been using for years damaged my olfactory organs so badly that I never hoped to be able to feel any smell ever.
When I first heard about the Safe Laser device, I was quite skeptical. Then I started the irradiation of my nose, just to give it a try, thinking that it couldn’t make my situation worse than it already was.
During the next allergy season my symptoms started to recede. I spent less time with blocked nose, and I did not have any asthma attacks – thus it was easier for me to survive this season. But the most amazing thing was that I started to get back my sense of smell. One morning I just woke up and smelled the delicious aroma of fresh coffee. I certainly did not expect it. Since then I feel fainter smells as well, and I am grateful that one of my sensory organs is working again.
Thanks for this feeling!



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