Herpes is an unpleasant disease caused by a virus. Once infected, there is no possibility to get rid of it. When the immune system is a bit weaker or the stress is increased, it will break out. Infectious diseases, UV exposure, menstruation or pregnancy can also reactivate of the virus. It appears mostly on the lips and surrounding area in the form of painful, stretching blisters that dry off after a few days, forming scabs which heal in a week without treatment.



Treatment of Herpes

Antiviral tablets and creams against herpes which accelerate the process are effective in the active, vesicular phase. Local treatment can be performed with disinfectant and drying substances.
Boosting the immune system with vitamins as well as stress reduction can help prevent the recurrence of the condition.


Laser therapy performed with Safe Laser, developed as a result of a 40-year-long medical laser research, has pain relieving, anti-inflammatory and biostimulating effects on the irradiated area.

Safe Laser 150 or Safe Laser 500 infra is recommended for the treatment of herpes.
This device is effective when the herpes is activated.
When the first signs of outbreak are noticed, even a single treatment can stop the process immediately, so the vesicular lesions will not develop.
If it has already appeared, it is to be treated twice a day for 3 minutes. As a result, it will dry off in one day, skipping the exuding, contagious, stretching and painful phase. Then it heals completely in just 1-3 days and the scab will fall off.

Safe Laser 150


Safe Laser 500 infra 


It happens sometimes that herpes appears on my mouth. Everybody who has ever experienced it knows that it is not just uncomfortable but also really “ugly”, so I don’t like to go out in this condition. Since I have Safe Laser (which I always keep on myself), I have no such problem. When I feel the herpes breaking out (the skin on my lips starts to tingle and stretch) I irradiate it immediately, and it usually doesn’t even appear. If I fail to catch it in time (you have to use the laser within half or one hour after the stretching feeling starts), it does appear, but it dries off in one day and it doesn’t stretch, hurt or infect. It dries for next day, and the scars come off. If you don’t rip it off (it is really hard not to), it heals in 1-2 days.

A case of a patient:
I had my wedding last summer. I was super stressed because of the preparations, but I didn’t think that herpes would appear on my mouth 4 days before the event. I knew that it wouldn’t be nice on the photos and it would ruin my special day. It was a terrible feeling, and I was desperate. My husband searched for some solution on the internet all night, and he found Safe Laser. I called Dr. Hegedűs the following morning, full of hope. He assured me that not everything was lost, and although he couldn’t promise me a perfect solution within 3 days, my situation would improve a lot. By noon I got my Safe Laser 150. Despite the recommendations I irradiated my mouth with the laser for all 3 days, 3 times a day. I only had a very small wound (scab) on my mouth in the morning of my wedding day that was concealed by the make-up artist so perfectly that it was not visible on the photos, and couldn’t even be noticed if not watched closely. I am so grateful that I could enjoy my wedding thanks to Safe Laser. – Andrea Molcsik

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