Safe Laser

1. What is Safe Laser?

Lasers have been proved to have healing properties nearly for 50 years. Soft lasers have pain relieving, anti-inflammatory and biostimulative (cell regenerating) effects. In hospital care, laser therapy of musculoskeletal diseases has been practised by physiotherapists for a long time. It is well-known in veterinary practice, too, and it is also used for cosmetic treatment of skin problems, inflammations and wrinkles.

What is Safe Laser?

The name of Safe Laser speaks for itself. Since traditional laser devices are dangerous to the eyes, they are only allowed to be operated by healthcare professionals, in compliance with the appropriate laser safety rules (laser goggles, appropriate room, qualification etc.). Safe Laser devices have the same power output as clinical soft lasers, but they are equipped with an optical system which eliminates the danger to the eyes, allowing anybody to use it safely at home, without any goggles or qualification.

2. Use field of Safe Laser


Safe Laser 150

This device can affect an area of 3 cm in diameter on the surface of the skin or mucous membrane, for treating skin inflammations, eczema, poorly healing wounds, ulcers, bruises, cuts, household injuries, wrinkles, acnes, oral mucosal disorders, aphthae, diseases and inflammations of the gums, gum atrophy, shingles, diaper rash and other rashes of children.
It can also be used for the irradiation of the nasal mucosa with a special beam restrictor.

Safe Laser 500 infra

This brand new device can penetrate to the deeper tissues as well. Therefore its most important healing effects impact joints, muscles, bones and ligaments, that is, musculoskeletal problems. As it has pain reducing, anti-inflammatory, biostimulative and regenerating effects, it provides an effective help in case of joint wear, inflammations, spine and back problems, muscle strains, ligament injuries, rehabilitation after surgery, sprains and dislocations. A great example for its effectiveness on skin surface is the healing of leg ulcers.

3. Safe Laser devices


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