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  • Medical Centre, Hungarian Defense Forces – Department Physiotherapy
  • Rehabilitations Department of Hungarian Defense Forces, Hévíz
  • Sándor Péterfy street Hospital and Casualty Centre – Accident Rehabilitation Department
  • St. John’s Hospital and North Buda Unified Hospitals – Department Traumatology
  • Semmelweis University, Faculty of Dental Sciences, Clinical Periodontology
  • Semmelweis University, Department of Ophthalmology
  • Uzsoki Central Hospital – Intensive Care Unit
  • Irgalmasrendi Royal Hospital – Department Orthopedy
  • GMC International Medical Training Centre
  • Bethesda Children’s Hospital
  • National Institute of Rheumatology and Physiotherapy, Radiology

Medical Centre, Hungarian Defence Forces

Department of Physiotherapy

We have been using Safe Laser appliances in our institution for 2 years. During this period, we have carried out an extensive study including hundreds of patients, examining the effectiveness of the therapy. We achieved great results in treating the following symptoms and conditions:

Musculoskeletal Disorders:

  • arthritis – chronic inflammation in joints
  • rheumatoid arthritis – inflammation and pain
  • arthrosis
  • spondylarthrosis, lumboischialgy, slipped disc
  • tenosynovitis
  • epicondylitis humeri lateralis et medialis
  • carpal tunnel syndrom
  • de Quervain syndrom
  • tendinitis
  • exostosis calcanei
  • muscle or joint hematoma
  • contusions, sprains


When treating acute and chronic musculoskeletal symptoms, the pain of the treated person improved to such extent that the volume of medication could be significantly reduced or altogether omitted. Rehabilitation and recovery time was shortened significantly.

Other Disorders:

  • rhinitis allergica
  • rhinitis
  • asthma
  • pharyngitis
  • otitis
  • tinnitus
  • ulcus cruris, decubitus
  • herpes, herpes zoster, psoriasis
  • eczema, dermatitis
  • frostbite and burns

Patients needed less painkillers and antibiotics. Chronic symptoms that were difficult or impossible to reduce, improved. Healing time shortened significantly.

Summary of Results

Safe Laser appliances are easy to use, they do not require specific qualification or security measures, but the completion of an appliance operation training as well as compliance with indications and contraindications is necessary. In case of an acute disease, 1-3 treatments are generally sufficient to achieve positive results. Thus the process does not develop to a chronic state that needs to be treated over a long period and at high costs. Patients tolerate the treatment well, because it has no side effects, which is especially important in the case of children. Treatment time is short; it generally takes 5-20 minutes. It seems to be suitable for supplementing any other physiotherapy. It can be applied either as monotherapy or as polytherapy. It relieves pain and shortens healing time effectively, and it also reduces the need for drugs and, consequently, their eventual side effects as well.

Prof. Dr. Sándor Sandra med.habil. Ph.D.

Head of Department of Physiotherapy

Medical Centre, Hungarian Defence Forces


Clinic of Police Headquarters, Budapest

“We have been using the lasers since February. During that time, we treated 345 patients with the appliances. The overall majority of patients visited us because of musculoskeletal symptoms: osteoarthritis, myositis (muscle inflammation), bursitis (inflammation of a bursa), contusions (bruises), sprains, hematoma, epicondylitis humeri (tennis elbow), arthritis, etc.

There were also patients with hay fever, tinnitus and vertigo (dizziness) in a very large number. We used the Safe Laser 150 appliance to treat allergy, hay fever, vertigo and tinnitus with very good results.

In case of allergy and hay fever, we treated both nares daily for 5 minutes each, for a week. The patients’ noses stopped running, and they felt a lot better after a few days.

We treated two patients with vertigo; we used the laser daily on their ears for 5 minutes each, and on their nares for 5 minutes each, for two weeks. Their symptoms were improved after 4-5 sessions and were all gone after 9-10 sessions.

We applied the Safe Laser 500 Infra laser appliance in cases of musculoskeletal symptoms and for postoperative wound healing. Postoperative wounds healed more quickly; after the second session, the wound looked as if it were one week old. We used the laser on the wound for 3-4 minutes, for two days, then we could stop using it altogether, because the wounds were healed clean.

In case of muscle pains, we treated the areas which were sore when touched for 4-5 minutes, first 4-5 times every day, then 2-3 times a week. When using laser therapy, the patients have healed faster than with physical therapy.

In case of tennis elbow and golf elbow, we applied the laser on the sore spots for 4-5 minutes, 3-4 times a week. Patients became asymptomatic and their exercise capacity also increased after 4-5 sessions.

In case of lumbago (lower back pain), we treated painful spots for 5-6 minutes. In general, patients felt better after the second session. The overall majority of them became asymptomatic after 7-8 sessions.

In case of knee symptoms, we used the appliance on the painful spots for 5 minutes each, then we also treated the patella (kneecap) and ham round on a daily basis. We have seen that walking got easier and swelling subsided after the first session. Patients generally need 9-10 sessions to be asymptomatic.

In case of shoulder pains, we always treated the upper arm muscles and the neck using the appliance on the painful spots for 3 minutes each. Pain and mobility impairment of the shoulder generally improves after the 3rd or 4th session. Then, at the end of the 8th or 10th session, it disappears completely.

Hematomas due to sport injuries fade in 3-4 days, and then clear up.

All in all, pain can be reduced and driven away with laser therapy effectively. Thereby the patients’ mobility can be restored to the normal state sooner, even with limited use of drugs. That improves the patients’ mood and quality of life, and also significantly reduces the time spent on sick leave.”

Katalin Samu


Clinic of Police Headquarters, Budapest


Sport references

Dr. Gergely Kiss, Three-time Olympic Medalist in Water Polo, Sports Lawyer

During my 30 years of working as top-level sportsman, I participated in tens of thousands of trainings and played thousands of matches, and I competed in seven world championships and four Olympics. Throughout this tremendous amount of work, I could not avoid some injuries, namely, cartilage detachment in the knee and shoulder, indicating typical wear and tear. We in the world of top-class sport suffer from minor inflammations and strains on a daily basis.

There are multiple therapies and outstanding medical specialists helping our career, but so far Safe Laser 500 Infra, that I tested most recently, brought the most visible improvement to my shoulder problems. Using this appliance has been simple and the pain hampering my movement was gone after 20-25 sessions, despite the daily exercises. I could exercise at the gym, in the water and at the matches without any symptoms, and I had no problems at first-class championship matches of Racionet Honvéd. So the sharp pain that made my everyday life a misery and narrowed my possibilities to move is a thing of the past. As to my health, I’m looking forward to the 24th first-class season optimistically.

I’m sure that the Safe Laser appliance is an effective solution for treating minor or major acute and chronic knee, waist, elbow and shoulder injuries that occur in every water polo team and obstruct the efficient work.

Dr. Gergely Kiss



Attila Györki, Sports Masseur of the Hungarian Olympic Swimming Team

As a masseur, I mostly deal with athletes and top-level sportsmen/women, for whom – understandably – it is very important to provide their best performance during training and competitions. Painless and free movement is essential for good performance. No athlete can avoid minor or major injuries during their whole career. In such cases, rapid aid and effective rehabilitation is of utmost importance. Most of my work has been done with the Hungarian National Swimming Team. As a masseur, I see that periodical exercises take their toll on the swimmers’ body. Spine, knee, hip and – mostly – shoulder pains are frequent occurrences during swimming practices and physical trainings due to muscular fatigue and demands made on the athletes.

Last year, Dr. György Hegedűs recommended and lent me the Safe Laser for the time of the training camp before the World Short Course Swimming Championship held in Doha.

Apart from chronic shoulder, knee and hip problems, as fate would have it, I used the laser for the treatment of an acute injury due to a neck trauma suffered during a conditioning training. This technology proved to be effective in all areas, but the most startling change was in the case of the neck problem: the athlete eventually didn’t have to skip any practice one week before the world championship.

I firmly believe that this swimmer would not have been able to carry out a training of full value for a few days without the help of the laser, which, needless to say, would have seriously affected their performance in the world championship. After my experiences with Safe Laser and what I read about this appliance, I expect for it to continue helping me do my job. I believe Safe Laser fills a niche in sport rehabilitation.

Clinical research
Patients’ Feedback on Safe Laser Devices

Feedback from Patients of Dr. György Hegedűs:

We have got a lot of feedback about experiences during the last 3 months, which we have summarized. Our sincerest thanks to everyone who wrote their results. We are looking forward to get more of these.
We are very happy that more and more people use the device, and that they can also treat other problems than what they originally bought the device for. So it really looks like Safe Laser can be used for the problems of the whole family.
We concluded the following:
In case of joint wear of the extremities (knee, ankle, hip, shoulder and wrist), Safe Laser 500 Infra proved to be very effective. A 3-5 minute treatment from 3 directions every other day was sufficient. The patients usually started to feel the effects after 2-3 weeks, and after 6-10 weeks they achieved a totally painless condition. It is a good idea for them to continue the treatment after the pain goes away, once a week as a prevention.
In case of inflammation of the ligaments and joint capsules (especially shoulder), a 4-minute treatment from 3 directions, also every other day, was appropriate. Treatment reaction occured many times in case of the inflammation of knee, shoulder, elbow and wrist joints, which means that the pain temporally increased during the first few treatments, but after 3-5 treatments it was completely eliminated.
In case of movement disorders, good results have been achieved among athletes who used Safe Laser 500 to treat joints, ligaments and muscles. In case of acute problems, the device can even be used three times a day.
In case of low back pain, back pain and spinal pain, even 6-7 spots can be treated at the same time for 5 minutes. It is not recommended to treat the spinal area for more than 30 minutes at one time (so approx. 6 spots for 5 minutes each), because sometimes headache develops as a treatment reaction. Thus, if it is necessary, it is recommended to distribute the treatment (e.g. in case of an extensive spinal problem) – apply 30 minutes treatment in the morning, then treat the remaining spots in the afternoon.
A frequent cause of spine problems is the stiffening, shortening or calcification of the ligaments and muscles, which results in the abnormal curvature of the spine being distorted in one direction. This leads not only to pain but occasionally to a spinal disk herniation as well. In this case, the ligaments and muscles need appropriate stretching and physical exercises in order for the laser therapy to be really effective.
This autumn we are planning to create a laser center in Budapest, where the background of the problems and the exact application spot of the laser therapy will be determined by properly trained specialists, who will also teach the patients the appropriate exercises.
Safe Laser 150 and Safe Laser 500 Infra proved to be equally efficient in treating joint inflammation of the fingers, wrist, elbow and ankle.
In case of allergy, a 5-minute treatment for each nostril every day with Safe Laser 30 or Safe Laser 150 proved to be appropriate. If these are not available, similar results can be achieved with Safe Laser 500, which is to be applied over the bridge of the nose, away from the eyes, for 5 minutes daily.
There were a lot of good experiences about treating wounds, cuttings, burnings, hair follicle inflammation, acne, sunburn, nail bed inflammation and herpes. The best way is to start the treatment immediately, once or twice a day for 3 minutes with Safe Laser 150, or for 2 minutes with Safe Laser 500.
Many people gave feedback about treating mild pharyngitis with either Safe Laser 150 irradiation through the mouth with fiber optics (2-3 minutes) once a day or Safe Laser 500 on both sides of the jaws in the direction of the tonsils for 5 minutes daily on both sides.
Inflammations and injuries of the gingival tissue could be dealt with quickly with Safe Laser 30 or 150, especially with fiber optics.
We received many results about tinnitus. The best way to cure it is a 5 minute laser therapy of the nose every day, supplemented with daily 5 minute treatment inside the ear with the fiber optic connected to the Safe Laser 150 device.
New information has been received about treating hearing loss, in which a daily 5 minute irradiation with fiber optic of the Safe Laser 150 proved to be efficient. It may take 4-5 months to achieve the desired results. We still do not have enough information, but those who already own a Safe Laser 150 device may want to give it a try.
Safe Laser 150 was effective in treating eczema and psoriasis, but more deterioration and decline has been experienced due to the sudden increase of stress than in case of other treatments. However, Safe Laser can provide help without any side effects.
Children really like to use it in case of cold and ear inflammation. A special nose add-on for Safe Laser 150 is already available for children, with which cold and nasal obstruction can be treated from the age of 2-3 years.
Many people used Safe Laser 150, especially with fiber optic, to treat inflammations of the ear canal. It is a quick and spectacular way to reduce and stop the inflammation and the pain of the ear.
More and more people treat their pets with Safe Laser. There were cases of musculoskeletal pain treated with daily 2-4 minute sessions (at the painful spot or on the treatment site determined by the veterinary), and many cases of small wounds, injuries or surgical wounds.


Csillagfény [‘Starlight’] Foundation

We bought our laser device as a property of our Foundation, in order to help the children and young people within our reach. Among the users there were children under state care, parents and children of poor families, our volunteers coming from large and/or poor families and people in their surroundings. We also made it available for the members of other civil society organizations of disabled (e.g. blind and visually impaired or physically handicapped) people with which we keep in touch.
As a lot of people got an access to this device, regular and continuous treatment was often not viable, and there were long breaks between sessions. Nevertheless, we hope that the word-of-mouth marketing will bring many new customers for the distributor.
We used it to cure all of the problems and diseases mentioned in the information material. It was used many times to strengthen the immune system of children and youths, and also to treat allergy. We hope that the use of the laser had a role in the improvement of their condition.
It was used many times in case of respiratory diseases in the given time frame. In case of throat inflammations, colds etc., its positive healing effect was especially noticeable. The same stands for treating wounds. In case of oral lesions, the healing was extremely and remarkably fast. It also proved to be effective in curing the inflamed scar of tick bite. It was also used for treating injuries which had occured during sports or playing activities. We got reports about improvement in case of headaches as well as various health issues of older people. Children even have lots of fun using it, pretending to have a small laser weapon in their hands.
Older, sick and disabled people also had good experiences. It was used for reducing pain in case of joint wear, inflammations and pain with good results: the patients’ condition has improved noticeably. It was also used to treat a wide range of skin conditions. Those who know the device like it and want to use it again, and they are happy when it is their turn to get it. In case of acute problems we offer a possibility to be treated at our Foundation, if we happen to have the soft laser device with us. It is also an advantage for old people that the device is small, light and easy to handle.
They used it as an additional treatment to other therapies.
To date, at least 300 people have used the laser under the organization of Csillagfény Foundation.
I also used it many times on myself, my husband and our 12-year-old son, and my personal experiences are the same as those of the others. I hope we will have the possibility to enjoy the beneficial healing effects of this great product for a long time.
Our experiences confirm our belief that the laser is useful, in case of both internal and external treatments. We recommend it to everyone.
I wish you further success in your work in 2015, too.

Thanks and respect.

Mária Metzger
Chairwoman of Csillagfény Foundation


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