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Safe Laser 500 Infra is a Hungarian medical invention. This is the first healing laser with a performance similar to that of lasers used in hospitals, which can, however, be used safely at home. This is the most powerful of Safe Laser devices, which is effective even in 8 cm depth. It is also the most versatile Safe Laser device with several supplements.

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Contusion, strain (distorsion), haematoma, rupture of taenia, muscle or tendon, fracture
Disorders due to overstrain:
• Tendinitis ‘myositis, bursitis
• Inflammation of periostil at the point of adhesion and sticking of muscles (e.g. tennis players elbow inflammation at the point of adhesion of muscle to the lower arm as a result of overstrain)
Degenerative deformations:
Joint wear, arthrosis
Joint inflammation (arthritis)
Disorders of vertebral column: pain relieving, inflammation decrease (e.g. lumbago)
Muscle diseases e.g. muscle pain, limited movement (contracture) Musculoskeletal disorders may cause problems, pains at various points of body and numerous joints.


Post-herpetic pain: following convalescence from shingles (herpes zoster) burning pain often remains along the nerve line for years.
 (With Safe Laser® 500 Infra the treatment time is 2 minutes per point along the nerve line. After the first treatments the pain may increase due to reaction to treatment followed by relief of pain.)
Phantom pain: Pain emerging after amputation of limb on the place of the lost limb (very grave treatment reaction may be expected within 12 hours, the pain may increase for 24 hours, but after second treatment improvement may be noted.)


It subserves regeneration of normal tissues in case of bruises, injured skin surface, post-surgery wounds and initiates of healing of ulcers.


Diseases of skin surface and mucous membrane (e.g. herpes, mouth wounds, ulcers, sores) and gingivitis, periodontitis, gum bleeding can be treated with red light (660nm) Safe’Laser®’ 150 more efficiently (with optional fibre optics).
The 808nm Safe Laser® 500 Infra can reach deeper areas and it is more suitable for pain relieving.
Toothaches, inflammations can be efficiently treated either by enlightening through cheek or with the help of fiber optic.
Recovery of soft and bone tissues is accelerated after dental treatments, mouth surgery, implantation. It improves the sticking of the epithelium (osteointegration) around dental implantation even by enlightening through cheek.
Convalescence is reduced after surgery, stitches can be removed sooner.
Lock-jaw (trismus) – Lasting contraction of jaw muscles may evolve as a result of several causes e.g. inflammation of the wisdom-tooth.
 Several minutes of Safe Laser® 500 Infra treatment on the jaw joint loosens the muscle, the lock-jaw resolves in few minutes, inflammation will be reduced.

For different diseases different energy quantities (joule) are to be introduced in order to achieve efficient healing. Higher energy input is provided by prolonged irradiation.

4-10 joule energy = min. 2+ minutes irradiation: Strains, bruises, muscle spasms, improvement of microcirculation, light musculoskeletal injuries, acute and chronic inflammations, dental and mouth disorders, dermatologic diseases.

15 joule energy = 3 minutes irradiation: Pain relief, grave musculoskeletal disorders.

25 joule energy = 4-5 minutes irradiation: Cartilage regeneration, musculoskeletal injuries in deeper layers, rupture of taenia, muscle or tendons, fractures (in the beginning even twice per day)

1. Acute diseases (recently arisen) and treatment of post- surgery cases: Treatments are to be applied daily during 1-2 weeks, later 3 times per week until the cessation of symptoms. Already during the first treatment or within one day improvement may be noticed.

2. Treatment of chronic (lasting) diseases (arisen earlier than 6-8 weeks): Prolonged diseases are to be treated less frequently. Use the laser instrument 3 times per week until the cessation or significant decrease of symptoms. In case of chronic (prolonged) diseases duration of the healing process is naturally longer (days, weeks, maybe months).

Power: 500 mW scattered laser radiation
Wave length: 808 nm laser + 4 pieces of 630 nm LED
6 V DC – 1 piece of type 18650 battery
Life expectancy: 10.000 hours
Short treatment time: 2-5 minutes irradiation