3-5% of Hungarian population is affected by tinnitus, either objective or subjective. The most frequent cause of the objective tinnitus is the rhythmical contraction of the muscles or a turbulent blood circulation. In case of the more frequent, subjective form, the unpleasant sounds are only heard by the patient. This can be caused by several factors: infections, earwax trapped in the ear canal, the rigidity or diseases of the parts of the inner ear, hearing loss caused by aging or noise exposure, heavy metals, alcohol, medicines that damage hearing (aspirin, quinin, some diuretics and antibiotics); Ménière’s disease (a disease of the inner ear characterized by episodes of vertigo, hearing loss and tinnitus), head trauma, general diseases (syphilis, high blood pressure, anemia, hypothyroidism); tumors affecting the auditory organs.
90% of the patients suffering from tinnitus have neural hearing loss, 5% of them has conductive hearing loss, and only the remaining 5% have a normal auditory threshold. Conductive hearing loss develops due to the damaged operation of the external or middle ear, while neural hearing loss is caused by the damage of the inner ear or its nerves.


There are a few rare, but good solutions for addressing the cause: earwax removal, treatment of the anomalies of carotid arteries or of the tumors, quitting drugs that are harmful for the auditory organs, application of appropriate antibiotics for the infections.
Subjective hearing loss can be treated with hearing aids or sound masking devices, with antidepressants or with the method called “biofeedback”, which works by raising awareness of the cause of the problem and the way of its development via positive feedback.
But changes of lifestyle are also essential (e.g. to quit smoking, coffee and aspirin). Regular exercises of the neck can improve the blood circulation of carotid arteries, which is advisable in any case. The healing process depends on the cause of the tinnitus and the patient’s emotional response.

In case of subjective tinnitus, 75% of the patients find their situation bearable – relaxation techniques can be helpful. 1% of the patients experience a very intensive and continuous tinnitus that exhausts them completely and even gives rise to suicidal thoughts.


Laser irradiation therapy with the fiber optic of Safe Laser 150 or Safe Laser 500 Infra is recommended to treat tinnitus resulting from infections and inflammations of the ear and ear canal. Apart from this, we also irradiate the blood with the laser through the nostrils with a restrictor.

Into the nostril

Safe Laser 500 infra


Safe Laser 150



Into the ear

Safe Laser 500 infra


Safe Laser 150


I had had a chronic ear inflammation for 5 years. When it ceased, tinnitus remained. After 1 year I discovered Safe Laser.
I have been using the Safe Laser 150 device with fiber optic for 1 year. I irradiate daily both ears for 1-2 minutes each, and also my nose with the special restrictor for 5 minutes. I haven’t had any complaints for half a year.

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